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S.S. Strathnaver

"Strathnaver", built by Vickers Armstrong at Barrow in Furness, was launched on 5th February 1931, and had a gross tonnage of 22,500. She sailed for Brisbane on her maiden voyage on 1st October 1931.
(Michael Byard Collection)

Strathnaver from 1933 Cruise Brochure
Sepia-toned photograph of "Strathnaver" in her original configuration and taken from a 1933 cruise photograph album that was issed to all passenger on the cruise.
(Michael Byard Collection)

She originally appeared with three funnels, (above, top right and right)

After WWII, during which she had a good war record, the middle funnel was retained with the first and third funnels being removed.

She was a popular ship and was in service until 23rd February 1962, and was eventually broken up in Hong Kong during the year.
(Michael Byard Collection)

Strathnaver arriving Sydney on Maiden Voyage
Arriving Sydney on her Maiden Voyage, a Hall and Co. photograph from P and O archives in Australia supplied by, and used with thanks to, Rob Henderson.

Farewell Streamers at Station Pier
About to leave Melbourne
for the last time, and flying
her paying off pendant, 20 January 1962,
with me aboard.

Strathnaver leaving Station Pier 20 Jan 1962
Leaving Station Pier, with Orsova lying at
Outer West Station Pier,
20 January 1962.


Farewell Crowd, Station Pier 20 Jan 1962
Visitors proceeding ashore!
Pilot Boat Wyuna from Strathnaver
The Victorian Pilot Boat, Wyuna, off Port Philip Heads.
Strathnaver Early Morning
Towards the Great Australian Bight,
January 1962
Strathnaver Forward Anchor Deck
Forward Anchor Deck
Strathnaver Promenade Deck 24Jan 1962
Port Side Promenade Deck
Strathnaver in the Great Australian Bight 22 Jan 1962
Starboard side Boat Deck
Strathnaver Games Dec and Boat Deck
Deck washing, Starboard Boat
and Games Deck
looking for'ard
Strathnaver's Games Deck
Washing down Port Side Games Deck
Taken from Cabin 54, Strathnaver
Taken from porthole of my Cabin No. 54
Port Side Life Boat-Aft
Port Boat Deck Aft
Games Deck Early Morning
Games Deck Aft Early Morning
Port Side Boat Deck Aft
Starboard Side Aft Lifeboat
These photographs were taken during my trip to England, unfortunately having to be curtailed at Fremantle, during the final voyage of Strathnaver. She departed Melbourne on 20th January, 1962.
First of two sister ships, and first of the 'Straths' class, she was also to lead the way in the new livery for the company, white hulls and buff funnels.

At the head of this page is a Postcard of S.S. "Strathnaver", pre- WWII, showing her with her original three funnels, the first and third being dummy funnels.

After the war the forward and after funnels were removed.

I sailed from Melbourne to Fremantle aboard her on her last voyage home to England in January 1962.

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