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Strathnaver, Page 2

Pre-war photo postcard of Strathnaver
Pre-2nd World War postcard photograph of "Strathnaver"
at speed, showing smoke coming from her main funnel.
(Michael I. Byard collection)

P and O and BI Poster 1932

"Strathnaver" is featured in the advertisement,
left, which appeared in
"The Times of India Annual, 1932"

The typeface is typical of the
1920s and 30s Art Deco style.
The advert requests those interested to
'consult the Managing Agents
Mackinnon, Mackenzie and Co'
and lists the ports in India, Ceylon, Hong Kong, China and Japan together with E. Walker in Singapore; Islay Kerr and Co in Penang; Smith Mackenzie and Co in East Africa; Macdonald, Hamilton and Co in Australia and, of course, 122 Leadenhall Street, London.
(Michael I. Byard collection)

"Strathnaver" Dinner menus for 20 and 21st November 1954

"Viceroy of India", "Strathnaver", "Strathaird", Mogolia
and Moldavia Cruise Adverts 1934.

"Viceroy of India" Cruise Advert for October 1930

Souvenir Goblet

Souvenir Tea Spoon

The above consecutive Dinner Menus show the range of food available aboard "Strathnaver" in 1956 by which time she, and her sister ships, had become One Class vessels. The illustrations were part of a series of 'themed' menus depicting famous London landmarks, that on the left "Trafalgar Square" and, on the right, Charles Dicken's (supposed) "The Old Curiosity Shop". (Michael I. Byard collection)

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