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Strathaird as built in 1932
This photograph was taken just before her Maiden Voyage in 1932, and has recently come into my possession.
(Michael Byard Collection)

"Strathaird", 22,500 gross tons, the 'sister' to "Strathnaver", also built by Vickers Armstrong, and launched on 18th July 1931 her maiden voyage to Brisbane started from Tilbury on 12th February 1932. She was broken up in Hong Kong in 1961.

"Strathaird" too was fitted with three funnels matching her sister, as can be seen opposite, and like her sister after completion of war service, she was reconditioned by her builders at Barrow, with the forward and after funnels being removed, as shown below.

S.S. Strathaird
(Michael Byard Collection)
Postcard of Brochure Cover
(Michael Byard Collection)

The postcard opposite comes from a collection of postcards of P and O memorabilia and depicts a 1930s
brochure cover showing the first two Strath liners to be built, "Strathnaver" and "Strathaird"

Straths Art Deco Menu Cover

This postcard, from the same collection, was produced in the Art Deco Style and is typical of that genre. It was produced in 1932 and used for a Menu cover aboard the Strath vessels all five of which were built in the 1930s.


(Michael Byard Collection)
This Menu cover is dated 4th September 1953, and depicts a series called London Cries, this one being Oysters.

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