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Former Flagship of the Fleet
Canberra in the fitting-out basin at Harland and Wolff

This view of Canberra
shows her in the fitting-out basin at
Harland & Wolff's yard in Belfast,
Northern Ireland, having
her machinery installed

Canberra Bookmark, promotional information

This bookmark is a copy of one of the original paper bookmarks
that were
distributed as part of the advertising produced
to announce the new 'superliner'

Back of prmotional bookmark for Canberra
The reverse side of the bookmark gave details of the
accommodation, as well as facts and figures as to
passenger and freight capacities.
Canberra entering Port Philip Heads

Canberra, on her maiden voyage, approaching Port Phillip Heads, to enter Port Phillip Bay on her way into Melbourne, 27th June, 1961.

Photograph taken by a
"Melbourne Herald" Newspaper Photographer

Canberra coming out of the mist
The Left photograph, above, was my first view of Canberra on her maiden voyage, 27th June, 1961, as she came out of the early morning mist, suddenly appearing. The photograph on the right was taken a few minutes later as she headed towards us in the Customs Launch.
Canberra in Port Philip Bay

Canberra, on her maiden voyage in Port Phillip Bay,about ten miles from her destination - Station Pier,at 6.30am on a warm sunny morning, on her way into Port Melbourne. The 'Gun Port' from which the crew hung the Jacobs Ladder can be seen partly open starboard amidships.
It was up this ladder that I climbed with the passengers and crew mail, being the third person to board her on her arrival. The first person was the Pilot, outside Port Phillip Heads, the second was the Senior Customs Boarding Officer and then myself.

All photographed from the
Customs and Immigration launch,
27th June, 1961
by Michael I. Byard
(Michael Byard collection

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