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Himalaya photographed at Station Pier 1956

S.S. "Himalaya" 28,000 tons,
at Outer West Station Pier,
Port Melbourne 1956 and left in 1959.
(Photographed by Michael Byard.
(Michael Byard Collection)

Built by Vickers Armstrong at Barrow in Furness, launched 5th October 1948 and sailed on her maiden voyage on 6th October 1949.

She remained in service until 19th October 1974 when she left Sydney for the breakers yards in Taiwan


"Himalaya" was similar in appearance to the company's United Kingdom / Far East Service liner "Chusan", especially with the distinctive funnel that both possessed, the latter though smaller
at 24,000 tons, having the same 'Thornycroft funnel top, as "Himalaya",
( see below) fitted to keep smoke from blowing down onto the decks below.

Himalaya bow view at Station Pier
Himalaya at Station Pier 1959

Stern view of Himalaya at Station Pier
Stern view of Himalaya
at Outer West Station Pier 1959 showing the distinctive funnel 'vanes' that distinguished her, and Chusan, from the remainder of the ships in the fleet.

I had a nice weeks holiday aboard "Himalaya" in March 1957, when I travelled with Peter Lucas
(of Melbourne Office), and she was a comfortable vessel although she had a tendency to roll a bit in a beam sea, or at least so I found, this was eliminated
when in 1959 she was fitted
with stabilisers.

Himalaya approaching Station Pier
Himalaya approaching Station Pier, 1960

Himalaya's Funnel
Thornycroft Funnel
AfterBoatDeck, Himalaya
After Boat Deck, March 1957

Sydney Pilot Vessel Captain Cook, 1960

The Sydney Pilot Vessel
"Captain Cook" from "Himalaya",
March 1957

Sydney Harbour Bridge from Himalaya
Approaching Sydney Harbour Bridge,
March 1957

Mast Top going under Sydney Harbour Bridge

Himalaya's Masthead about to go under
Sydney Harbour Bridge, March 1957

A splendid photograph of " Himalaya " Leaving Fremantle in 1966, courtesy of the Port of Fremantle web site and passed to me by Tony Cochrane-Barnet,t who suggests that she was probably sailing for the East coast judging by the number of passengers.

Crossing the Line Certificate for Carloe Dickinson
Crossing the Line Certificate of P and O -Orient Lines given to Mrs Carole Dickinson, wife of my school pal John, and used here with thanks.

Himalaya alongside at Pago Pago

Three lovely photographs of Himalaya in Pago Pago, taken by John Dickinson and used here with grateful thanks.

Hilmalaya in Pago Pago
Himalaya in Pago Pago.

Himalaya from Cable Car, Pago Pago
Himalaya in Pago Pago,
taken from the top of the cable car.

Humming Birds Menu Cover

Gala Dinner Menu Covers -
Humming Birds,
23rd October 1967

Green Parrots Menu Cover

Gala Dinner Menu Cover -
Green Parrots,
23rd October 1967

The Gala Dinner Menu

Gala Dinner Menu and covers,for 23rd October 1967, collected by Mr and Mrs John Menzies, scanned and donated to this site by their Grandson, Grant Hayter-Menzies and used with grateful thanks.

Luncheon Menue 12 July 1958

Luncheon Menu dated Saturday 12th July 1958
with 18 different cheeses available

Himalaya Cruise 16 Cover

Himalaya Cruise 16 Itinerary out of Southampton, date unknown, but the cruise shown as P and O-Orient Lines would be post 1960 but pre 1966 when "Orient" was dropped and the company became
P and O.

Himalaya Cruise 16 Miles SteamedHimalaya Cruise 16 itinerary

Himalaya Cruise 16 Itinerary inside pages

By 1960 the Company had purchased the remaining Orient Line shares and a new company was formed - P and O-Orient Lines. These illustrations, below, are from the 1966 edition of Himalaya's Deck Plan, now all one class. I obtained this plan in October 2013.

Contrast this with the Tourist Class cabin plan shown bottom below, which is dated October 1960; that is the year in which the new company was formed but the ships were still two-class at this time.

Himalaya 1966 Deck Plan Title
Himalaya 1966 Outline Plan
Himalaya Deck Plan Photo 1966
Himalaya 1966 Deck Plan
Drake Room from Deck Plan
One of Himalaya's many public rooms, this photograph, which appeared on the deck plan,
is of the Drake Room.
Everest Room on Deck Plan
This photograph, which also appeared on
the deck plan, is of the Everest Room.

1st Class Dining Saloon

One of a series of Menu Covers. This one, dated 28th November 1952, depicts the "King's Head Inn" at Chigwell dating from Tudor Times.

The menu is dated Friday 28th November 1952. It is noticeable how few courses there were, bearing in mind the war had finished only seven years previously.

This Luncheon menu is for the following day. The illustration depicts Piccadilly Circus.

Dinner Menu cover for Monday 1st December 1952. Picture depicts the "Steelyard Inn" Woodbridge dating from 1550.

Gala Dinner Menu cover
Christmas Day 1952
Postcard of Himalaya at speed
Himalaya at speed, postcard bought
in Oxfordshire December 2019

Postcard of Himalaya bought in
Oxfordshire Decdember 2019
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