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"Stratheden", the fourth sister, was also built at Vickers Armstrong with one funnel and she is shown in the postcard above, and was 23,700 gross tons. She was launched 10th June 1937, with her maiden voyage to Brisbane on 24th December 1937. Her last voyage from Australia was on 15th September 1963, after 55 round trip voyages. She was sold to J.S. Latsis of Athens at the end of 1963, given a new name ,eventually being broken up six years later along with her sister "Strathmore".

All the Strath sisters were painted white with buff funnels which gave them the nick-name "White Sisters" which they retained for many years.

Postcard of Stratheden
Postcard of "Stratheden"
(Michael Byard Collection)

Stratheden at Melbourne

"Stratheden" at Outer East Station Pier,
Port Melbourne in 1957
photographed by
Michael Byard.

(Michael Byard Collection)

Stratheden Sternview at Port Melbourne 1957

"Stratheden" at Outer East Station Pier,
Port Melbourne in 1957 with "Arcadia" at Outer West.
Photographed by
Michael Byard.

(Michael Byard Collection)

Stratheden Passenger List

List of Passengers that travelled aboard "Stratheden" which departed from Tilbury on 27th June, 1947. There were passengers either breaking voyage or transhipping at
Port Said, Fremantle, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney.

(Michael Byard collection)

This menu cover shows that the company were introducing more attractive covers. This is dated Monday, 21st March, 1960.

This Gala Night menu cover is dated Tuesday, 15th May, 1962

This menu front cover is dated Thursday, 3rd May, 1962 and was for a Mad Hatters Night Dinner
The following menu covers used throughout the fleet are a series of 12 beautiful paintings , by artist Strom Gould,
depicting Australian flowers
Dinner Menu for Saturday, 24th March, 1962. No. 1: Golden Everlasting Daisy and Native Rose, a member of the Boronia Family (top).
Dinner Menu for Saturday, 24th March, 1962. No. 2: Mondurup Bell (top left), Camphor Myrtle (left below Mondurup Bell), Common One-sided Bottlebrush (left centre),Sand Plain Bottlebrush (lower left corner),Albany Banksia (centre), Blue Leschenaultia (bottom right), Scaevola Ramosissima(bottom centre), Red Bottle-Brush, or Callistemon (top right corner).
Dinner Menu for Tuesday, 27th March, 1962. No. 7: Fuschia Mallee (top left), Olive Spider Flower (top centre), Love Creeper (top left and centre), Native Passion Flower (top right hand corner), Blue Devil (centre), Qualup Bell (beneath Blue Devil), Wonga Wonga Vine (lower centre right), Peach-Leaf Groundsell (bottom right), Tooth or Twining Guinea Flower (bottom)
Dinner Menu for Thursday, 29th March, 1962. No.12: Kangaroo Paws. Green Kangaroo Paw (centre main plant), Black Kangaroo Paw (background upper centre), Catspaw (top and bottom background), Swamp Kangaroo Paw (bottom left)
Dinner Menu for Sunday, 15th April, 1962. No. 3:Bletilla Hyacinthina (right background), Cymbidium Suave (top right), Duck Orchid (top left), Hyacinth Orchid (left), Large Donkey Orchid (centre), Verned Sun Orchid ( lower right), Cryptostylis (bottom left), Green Hood (upper right), The Large Enamelled Orchid (bottom)
Dinner Menu for Monday, 16th April, 1962. No.5: Illawarra Flame Tree (top), Lace Bark (bottom), Kurrajong (centre), Mistletoe (lower centre).
Dinner Menu for Wednesday, 18th April, 1962. No. 10: Darwinia(top right and bottom left), Geraldton Wax Flower (foreground and bottom).
Dinner Menu for Saturday, 28th April, 1962. No. 8: Honey Flower or Mountain Devil (top left, right and centre background),Saw Groundsel (back left centre), Vanilla Plant or Rushlily (centre), Black-eyed Susan or Thyme Pinkeye (centre left background), Scented Boronia (centre right), Red-Flowered Gum (bottom centre), Wandering Jew (bottom left and right).

Dinner Menu for Sunday, 29th April, 1962. No.11:

Phaius Tankervilliae (bottom centre), Forest Daisybush (centre), Granite Boronia (left centre), Many Flowered Fringed Lily (background top left), Horned Bossiaea (top left), Desert Rose (top centre), Many Flowered Honeysuckle (top right), Pink Flannel Flower (right centre background).

1st Class Dining Saloon

This is an official postcard of the time, which I found in an antique shop in Oxford in 2017

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