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Orsova Postcard in P and O livery
Postcard I bought on board showing her in her
P and O livery,
Blue Ensign at Orsova's Taffrail
About to leave from Tilbury February 1967
Orsova at Gibraltar
At Gibraltar, February 1967
Gibraltar Harbour
Gibraltar Harbour with Orsova at top left, February 1967
Orsova off Algiers Feb 1967
Off Algiers, February 1967
Suez Canal Offices Port Said
Suez Canal Offices from Promenade
Deck of OrsovaFebruary 1967
Bum Boats at Port Said
'Bum Boats' alongside
at Port Said
Orsova awaiting Canal clearance
Awaiting clearance of the Northbound Convoy, in the sleeve canal, by the Bitter Lakes, February 1967

Bow View of Orsova at DjiboutiOrsova alongside the wharf at Djibouti
Orsova at Djibouti, February 1967

Leaving Aden,
February 1967
Bombay Harbour from Orsova
Indian Navy Aircraft Carrier and Arab Dhow in Bombay Harbour, March 1967
Buoy with Girl Orsova
Orsova Buoy with Girl,
Indian Ocean, March 1967
Passing the Oronsay, Indian Ocean, Mar 1967
Passing Oronsay,
March 1967

Two 'Old B(u)oys,
Orsova Fancy Dress Night

March 1967
Fancy Dress Competition

These photographs were taken by me
during my return to Australia aboard
P and O Lines "Orsova",
originally built for the Orient Line

The "Galileo" at Fremantle, from "Orsova"

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