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PandO Arcadia 1956

S.S."Arcadia" at Outer West Station Pier,
Port Melbourne, 1956. All Photographs and ©
by Michael Byard.
(Michael Byard Collection)

Built by John Brown and Co, Clydebank, Arcadia was launched on 14th May 1953, two weeks before my parents and I sailed for Australia, and had a gross tonnage of 29,871.

She sailed on her maiden voyage from Tilbury on 22nd February 1954 and remained in service until 17th February 1979 when she was broken up in Taiwan later that year.

She was a very happy ship.

Arcadia at Station Pier 158
Arcadia at
Outer West Station Pier
Arcadia alongside at Hobart 1958
Arcadia alongside at
Hobart, Tasmania, 1959
A copy of a P and O photograph, obtained by me, of "Arcadia" at Hobart in 1959, with me on board.
Arcadia's Boat Deck from the Bridge, 1959
Arcadia 's Boat Deck from the Port
Bridge Wing, Tasman Sea, 1959
Looking along Arcadia's Boat Deck 1959
Arcadia ' Boat Deck
Arcadia Bridge Tour 1959
Myself (left) and Officer of the
watch during a tour of
Arcadia's Bridge and Wheelhouse
Lascar Seaman rigging Companion Ladder
A Lascar Seaman rigging the ship's Companion Ladder
ready for Picton, at the head of Queen Charlotte Sound.
Arcadia's Fore or Anchor Deck, 1959
Arcadia's Foredeck
Foredeck Derrick Winches
Arcadia's Foredeck
and Derrick Winches
Arcadia's Funnel and games deck
Arcadia's Funnel and Games Deck
Arcadia in Queen Charlotte Sound 1959
Arcadia anchored in Queen Charlotte Sound,
New Zealand 1959
Arcadia's Motor Lifeboat swung out on davits 1959
Arcadia's Motor Lifeboat swung out
Arcadia's Pool and Swimming Gala, 1959
Arcadia's pool with Swimming Gala
under way, showing the 'slippery pole'
Staff of MH and Co's various offices
Members of Macdonald, Hamilton and Company Staff, myself at far left background
Head Serang
One of Arcadia's Head Serangs

This collection of photographs was taken during the 1959 New Zealand Cruise of S.S. "Arcadia".

I, and many other members of Macdonald, Hamilton and Co staff, from Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane together with a few from Adelaide and Auckland offices, travelled at 'staff victualling rates' of £1stg per day. (£1.5.0d Australian)

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