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Iberia, virtual sister ship to Arcadia

"Iberia" built by Harland and Wolff at Belfast she was the sister to Arcadia, with a gross tonnage of 29,600.

She was launched on 21st January 1954, sailing for Sydney on 28th September 1954.

Her last voyage was from Sydney on 16th March 1972. She was broken up in 1972 in Taiwan.

"Iberia" in 1959, similar in many respects to "Arcadia" the two "sisters" were very popular post-war built vessels.

The observation lounges on both ships, beneath the Bridge, possessed two large illuminated globes, one of the world, the other of the heavens.

Unfortunately although a popular ship she developed severe mechanical problems which blighted her career. "Iberia" was the newest ship of the company's postwar replacement programme, yet she was the first to go.

The age of the big intercontinental passenger jet aircraft spelt doom for the normal 'liner ', and she and many others ships were taken off the runs and disposed of. There is no sentiment in business!

Two Bedded Cabin aboard Iberia
Two Bedded Cabin - Iberia

Iberia anchored in Malta
Iberia at Malta - photographer
and date unknown.

Iberia Spoon
Hallmarked silver "Iberia"
souvenir spoon

This is an official postcard of the time, which I found in an antique shop in
Oxford in 2017

The Dinner Menu Cover, at left, is dated Thursday 31st May 1962. It is No. 5 of a series of 12 Australian Flowers paintings by artist Strom Gould. The flowers are The Illawarra Flame Tree (top), Mistletoe (middle) and Lace Bark (bottom)
The Dinner Menu Cover, at left, is No. 11 in the same series with Phaius Tankervilliae (bottom), Forest Daisybush(centre), Granite Boronia (left), Many Flowered Fringed Lily (top left), Horned Bossiaea (top left), Desert Rose (top centre), Many Flowered Honeysuckle (top right), Pink Flannel Flower (centre right)
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