P and O New Oriana Page 3

Stage in one of the Lounges
Stage in Lounge

Lounge with Dance Floor
Dance Floor

An Egyptian style mural
Egyptian style mural

Entrance to Pacific Lounge
Entrance to the
Pacific Lounge
In the Pacific Lounge
Pacific Lounge
Entrance to Peninsular Restaurant
Entrance to the
Peninsular Restaurant
Peninsular Restaurant
The Peninsular Restaurant
Entrance to Theatre Royal
Entrance to the Theatre Royal
Theatre Royal Hallway
Entrance Hall of the Theatre Royal
Interior view of Theatre Royal
Theatre Royal Interior
Tiffany Court with glass
Tiffany Court
Another view of Tiffany Lounge
Tiffany Court and glass ceiling
Centre Boss of Tiffany Glass Ceiling
Tiffany style glass with
centre boss light
Queens Court with Waterfall
Queens Court with waterfall
Waterfall in the Atrium
Atrium Waterfall, dropping down from
Tiffany Court to Garden Court

Ian Byard on 63rd Birthday

Myself in the Peninsular Restaurant for my 63rd Birthday Luncheon, October 2002.

Cutting my birthday cake, Peninsular Restaurant, October 2002.

Tiffany Court with Domed Ceiling

Domed ceiling above the Tiffany Lounge,
October 2002.

St Andrew's Gala Dinner Menu 1997
This Menu cover was produced for a
St Andrews Gala Dinner 30th November 1997
St Andrews Gala Dinner Menu 1997
This is the Menu for the
St Andrews Gala Dinner, 30th November 1997
Oriana-modern Playing Cards
Modern Playing Cards, not as nice
looking as earlier Company cards.

In mid 2018 P & O Cruises announced that Oriana would be withdrawn from the fleet in July 2019. In my opinion I suspect that one of the reasons she is going is because Carnival do not like smaller ships, instead they continue to build ship monstrosities! Oriana is the last "pure P and O" ship left in the fleet. Her traditional funnel colour has been changed from buff to blue with a stylised sun motif (see below), paying lip service I suppose to the original Company Rising Sun. My Wife and I went on her cruise to the Western Mediterranean in October 2018 and during the cruise I asked the Chief Engineer why the ship was leaving and what was happening to her! She has
been sold to Chinese interests to go to Shanghai to be a floating hotel..... shades of her predecessor, which also ended up there and eventually, through lack of maintenance, she had to be scrapped.

Oriana at Cagliari October 2018
Oriana at Cagliari, October 2018.
Bow and original Rising Sun Logo
Oriana's stem with traditional Rising Sun badge and P and O Flag, October 2018
New P and O Cruises Funnel colour and Logo
Oriana's new funnel colour and Sun Logo, October 2018

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