P and O New Oriana Page 2

Andersons Room
Andersons Room, named after one of the Founders

Art Deco Deatail in a Lounge
Art Deco details in
one of the lounges

Entrance to Cinema
Entrance to the
Charles Chaplin Cinema

Inside Charles Chaplin Cinema
Interior of the
Charles Chaplin Cinema
Crichton's Room
Crichton's Room
Crichton's Room entrance
Crichton's Room 4
Another view of
Crichton's Room
The Library
The Library

Entrance to Lords Tavern
The Lords Tavern Entrance

Cricketing Items
Cricketing Memorabilia copying the 'Cricketers' on Canberra
Lords Tavern
In the Lords Tavern
Mual in the Lords Tavern
Part of the Lords Mural
in the Lords Tavern
Seats in Lords Tavern
Seats in Lords Tavern, similar to those in Canberra's Alice Springs Room.
These photographs continue to show the magnificence of the interior of Oriana, and it is pleasing to see the Company continuing its traditional P and O interiors whilst using modern materials, though whether this will change now that the American Carnival Cruise Line has taken over the cruises arm of the original P and O remains to be seen. One hopes so. The famous company flag is now owned by Dubai Ports (DP) and is used by P and O Cruises under licence.

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