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S.S. "Arcadia"

The following photographs are a series of sepia toned postcard views of the First Class public rooms and cabins when "Arcadia" was a two class vessel. They were obviously taken either early in the morning before anyone was about, or possibly when on her trials, as there are neither crew nor passengers appearing in any photo. I came across them recently and the memories came flooding back. (Michael Byard Collection)

Postcard Envelope -Arcadia
The photo envelope containing the postcards

Arcadia at Sea

First Class Promenade Deck
1st Class Promenade Deck
First Class Swimming Pool
1st Class Swimming Poolt
Arcadia Cabin-de-Luxe
1st Class Cabin-de-Luxe
First Class Single Berth Cabin
1st Class Single Berth Cabin
First Class Childrens Nursery
1st Class Children's Nursery
First Class Library
1st Class Library
First Class Lounge
1st Class Lounge
First Class Observation Lounge
1st Class Observation Lounge
First Class Dining Saloon
1st Class Dining Saloon
First Class Verandah Cafe
1st Class Verandah Cafe
First Class Writing Room
1st Class Writing Room

The furniture and fittings are very much of the 1940s and 1950s, with more than a hint of Art Deco in many of the rooms. The Observation Lounge is a case in point

What has always remained in my memory is the many different types of wood used in all the public places and cabins, representing timbers from all over the Commonwealth. This is also illustrated very well in the photograph of the Observation Lounge, especially on the pillars!

Arcadia souvenir life ring. These were usually made by Lascar seamen to supplement their income on board.
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