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Chandris Flag

Fine photo of Australis
This great photograph was made available to me by
Ken Ironsides

"Australis" started life as the United States Line's "S.S. "America", in 1940 and had a long and distinguished passenger record during peace and war.

In 1964 she was put up for sale and was bought by Chandris Lines to become their Flagship with the name "Australis" being put on the UK Australia Round-the-World service.

I became her 'Berthing Officer' in Melbourne from 1969 to 1973, and remained so until my wife and I returned to England via Panama aboard her. This and the Chandris pages, of my site and the links with other "Australis" websites are meant to illustrate the fondness and pleasure which I, and my Wife, share with so many people who travelled aboard or had some connection with her.

I spent four very happy years looking after her in Melbourne with the able assistance of my staff, Secretary, Carol Rae - who left to get married to David Martin, Britanis' Berthing Officer - who was replaced by Leigh Dalrymple - and Assistant Berthing Officer, Hugh McCrae.

This fine vessel is now, a wreck, broken in two, her forepart lying on a beach at Fuerte Ventura, a sad end to such a fine ship. Most of her fittings were 'liberated' by the locals many of which now decorate a restaurant/cafe called "The Wreck" or somesuch, in Fuerte Ventura.

Members of Chandris Lines Melbourne Staff
Members of Chandris Lines, Melbourne Office Staff from the Passenger Department: (left to right - Anne Edwards, who married me, myself with beard... now gone!, Jim Alexander and his wife Christine).

Chandris BBQ car rally 1972

Chandris Barbeque

These two photographs show members of Chandris Lines, Melbourne Office, having a Barbeque after a hunt the clues car rally in 1972.

Cover of Australis Berthing Plan

Back cover of Australis Berthing Plan

"Australis" Berthing ( or Cabin ) Plan, front and back views when folded. This plan, which is in mint condition, came into my possession in August 2004, and brought back very many memories of my "Berthing" days in Melbourne.

Australis Suite Cabins

"Australis" Berthing Plan showing my favourite cabins 441, 442, 443 and 444, which were the Suites. A photo of 441 appears below.

Opposite: the breakdown of cabins that were suitable for taking portable beds and cots

Cabin capacity details
Cabin 441, one of the Suites aboard "Australis", in which Anne and I travelled to Sydney,
circa 1972, Day and Night Cabin.

Cabin 441, one of the Suites aboard Australis

Cabin 441 Day Cabin.

Another view of the Day Cabin of 441

Cabin 441 Night Cabin, S.S. "Australis"

Cabin 441 Night Cabin.

Australis Key Ring, front
Cabin Key ring, front and back.
Australis Key Ring, reverse side
A photographic description of our voyage to Southampton can be seen on my S.S. "Australis" Page which covers the voyage from Melbourne to Fort Lauderdale, where we disembarked for a few weeks staying with relations, then flew to New York to join the S.S. "Ellinis" bound for Southampton in late February, 1973.3.
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