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Fine photo of Australis

This great photograph was taken by Ken Ironsides and is used with his permission and my sincere thanks

Postcard of S.S. Australis
Postcard of the "Australis"
The following photographs are a record of the voyage that my wife Anne and I took on our return to England on 5th January 1973 when the first leg of our journey was aboard the "Australis" from Melbourne to Fort Lauderdale, in Florida, followed about 6 weeks later by the final leg to Southampton aboard the "Ellinis".
Family members and friends who came to see us off 5th January 1973
Above and right: family and friends group, 5th January, 1973 on Boat deck of S.S. "Australis" in Port Melbourne.
Family Group on the Boat Deck

Australis Berthing Officer, Ian Byard and Wife, Anne.
Ian and Anne Byard.

Ian Byard with Pat Trevor from Radio Australia
Above: me with Pat Trevor of Radio Australia 5th January, 1973 on Boat deck of S.S. "Australis" in Port Melbourne.
The wellknown Tug 'Batman' coming to tow us out
The well known Port Melbourne Tug "Batman" coming to take a line from the "Australis", 5th January 1973.
Station Pier receding into the distance
Receding view of Station Pier, Port Melbourne from the Boat deck of S.S. "Australis" 5th January, 1973 bound for Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

View from Australis Bow, Tasman Sea
In the Tasman Sea,
January, 1973

Ian Byard and Pat Trevor below the Bridge
Me with Pat Trevor
of Radio Australia.

View from the Boat Deck, approaching Fiji
Approaching Fiji.

Passengers sunbathing on Games Deck, Pacific Ocean
Sunbathing on the afterdeck, Pacific Ocean.

looking into the sun, Pacific Ocean January 1973
Sun and the Pacific Ocean.

Passive Pacific and Sunset
Pacific Ocean Sunset.

Australis doing an emergency turn to Port
"Australis" practicing an emergency turn to port.

Nearing Panama, a freighter passing us
Nearing Panama.
Cover of a Piano Recital programme
Piano Recital Programme cover, which was printed on board.
The Piano prgramme for the evening
Piano Recital
The Programme.
The first lock at Panama, early morning
First lock at Panama, early morning, awaiting our turn to enter.
Approaching the second lock at Panama
Approaching the entrance to the second lock at Panama, it is now daylight!
Australis entering the second lock
Entering the second lock at Panama.
Entering the third lock
Entering the third lock.

Australis about to enter the lakes
About to enter the lakes!

Entering the Cut
Entering 'The Cut.'


Container Ship heading for the Pacific
Container ship heading for
Panama and the Pacific

Japanese Freighter heading homewards
Japanese freighter
heading homewards.
The Gatun Locks
Gatun Locks.
Special tractors called "mules" hard at work
Special tractors called "mules" hard at work pulling ships through the locks, and holding them whilst the water is let out into an adjacent lock.
Japanese Freighter Yamaasi Maru
Japanese Freighter "Yamaasi Maru" waiting to be lifted up using our water.
Entering the last lock at Panama
Entering the last Panama lock.
The last Panama Lock
The last Panama lock gate, "Australis" entering.
The Atlantic beckons, view from last lock
The Atlantic beckons.
View looking back at the last three locks
Looking back up the staircase of locks.
Anne at the rail, Fort Lauderdale
Anne aboard "Australis at Fort Lauderdale, 27th January 1973.
Wharfside at Fort Lauderdale
View across the wharf at Fort Lauderdale, with two cruise ships in the foreground and an American Destroyer in the background. 27th January, 1973
Fort Lauderdale Docks.
Another view of Fort Lauderdale dock area, 27th January, 1973.
The voyage continues aboard the S.S. "Ellinis", "my Wife's Ship"
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