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Postcard of "Ellinis"
Postcard of the "Ellinis"

The "Ellinis" was built for Matson Line as the "Lurline" in 1932 (see below) and retained her name until bought by Chandris Lines in 1963 when she was refitted and re-named. Her operational route was Southampton to Australia returning via the Panama Canal and New York.

My wife was her Berthing Officer's Secretary. On 24th January 1973 we boarded her in New York, occupying Cabin 115, and returned to Southampton arriving on the 1st March 1973, both ceasing our employment with Chandris Lines on that day.

Ellinis Cabin Plan, front cover

Ellinis Cabin Plan photograph

Inside cover of Ellinis Cabin Plan

Ellinis cabin plan opened to show position of cabin 115

Cabin Plan of "Ellinis" showing our cabin 115 (marked in red) which was situated on the Main Deck Starboard side, forward. The plan is shown folded opposite

(Michael I. Byard Collection)


Red baggage Label for Hold Baggage
Ellinis Hold Baggage Label that I put on all our boxes and trunks in Melbourne.
Label for Cabin Baggage
Cabin Baggage Label also put on some baggage that went 'per favour of the Purser' from melbourne.

Back of baggage label issued from New York Office
Baggage labels issued to us from the New York Office for luggage that we brought aboard in New York.

Other Labels issued by Chandris New York
Reverse side of baggage label on left, issued together with a plastic laminated label from the New York Office.
Anne on deck, New York
Anne wrapped up against the cold in New York, there was ice on the river, and we had flown from sunny Florida that morning!
Stern view across the river at New York
View across Ellinis stern from Manhattan pier, 21st February, 1973.
Ice between the ship and the pier
Pieces of ice between the ship and the wharf, Manhattan, New York 21st February, 1973.
View acrodss the shipping sheds to New York
View across the sheds to New York skyline, it was cold and dirty!
"Ellinis" leaving the pier
"Ellinis" pulling away from the pier, bound for Southampton 17.30 hours, 21st February, 1973.
Manhattan Skyline at Night, 21st february, 2002.
Manhattan skyline at night.

View of an Atlantic gale, Force 9
Friday 23rd February, 1973 running with a Force 9 wind and sea looking for'ard.

View from Starboard Stern Quarter
Same day on Starboard stern quarter.
View over the stern Taffrail
Looking out over the stern, about 14.00hours.
Anne at Southampton
Anne on Boat Deck at Southampton,
1st March 1973.

View of Southampton Docks prior to disembarkation.
View of the docks at Southampton, prior to our disembarking,
taken about 11.30am.

Passing the Town Pier, Southampton with unknown liner leaving.
Passing Town pier , Southampton, after disembarking from "Ellinis", Thursday, 1st March, 1973 14.00hours. Unknown liner leaving port, possibly Union Castle Line but I am not sure.

During the voyage from New York , on the evening of Monday, 26th February, we were the guests of the Captain and Chief Purser, still being officially regarded as members of the Line, it was a very nice evening especially as it was 'Anne's ship' and so she and I were made very welcome.

With the arrival at Southampton we ended our last day as a member of Chandris staff which had started for me on 11th August 1969, and for Anne on 11th November, 1970.

Ellinis Bar List, circa 1970s

Ellinis Bar List, circa 1970s showing cigarette, cigars and pipe tobacco prices, notice how cheap they were!

Ellinis Bar List, circa 1970s
This Ellinis Bar List, inside pages at left, circa 1970s, is interesting because it shows, in the first place how cheap the drinks were on board. Secondly it is very noticeable that when in Australian waters Australian prices HAD to be charged. In those days, of course, drinks at sea were Duty Free. It will also be noticed thast cigars were "Not on Sale in Australian Waters".
Chandris Lines
Chandris Lines "Australis
Voy 37NB

Chandris Lines 2
(Text version of the fire on board "Australis
and her Voyage 37 Northbound with us on board)

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