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Chaos and Cadavers, Matador 2002

Keeley Hawes and Michael Byard
with Keeley Hawes

Ian McNease and Michael Byard
With Ian McNeice

Michael on the set of Chaos and CadaversMyself on set September 2002
On the set of Chaos and Cadavers,
(Mentmore Towers), Buckinghamshire, Aug/Sept 2002

Dressed in Wardrobe
Dressed and ready to go to
the Convention!

Chaos and Cadavers, a'Whodunit' in the genre of the Ealing Comedies, set in a hotel
where there was an Undertakers Convention and a Honeymoon couple

and the murder of Mr Resurrection the Boss of the Undertakers' Association.

Cricket Spectator 2003
Cricket Spectator,
"A Way Through the Woods"
Chichely House, Chichely, Buckinghamshire, Sept. 2003

Mourner 2003
Mourner - "Enduring Love"
Turville Heath, Oxfordshire, Sept. 2003

Bust portrait of self
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