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Miss Marple

Remake of Agatha Christie's famous lady detective "Miss Marple"
series with Miss Marple visiting a village church with myself as the Vicar.

Vicar in Dorchester Abbey Gardens
'Vicar' in Dorchester Abbey Gardens
August 2004

Inside Dorchester Abbey

Inside Dorchester Abbey
Oxfordshire Aug 2004

'Vicar' in Dorchester Abbey
'Vicar' in Dorchester Abbey
August 2004

Miss Marple-Vicar & Parishioners
'Vicar' and Parishioners in
Dorchester Abbey, August 2004

(Photo from Natasha Tilley)

Group of "OSCA" Supporting Artistes , 1930s style for the film "These Foolish Things" at the New Olympus Theatre, Gloucester, September 2004.
New World
Head and Shoulders shot of Middle Class Man 1616
"Middle Class" man
in late Tudor/early
17th Century clothing.
At the Radcliffe Camera, fully armed
At the Radcliffe Camera,
Oxford University, October 2004.
Full dress 17th Century man in Bodleian Quadrangle
Me as "Middle Class" man in
full 17th Century clothing,contemporary
with the Bodleian Library Quadrangle,
at Oxford University, October 2004.
Taken at the Radcliffe Camera, Oxford University

At the Radcliffe Camera,
Oxford University,
October 2004.

True story about the Indian Princess "Pocahontas" circa AD 1616 being filmed in USA and England. The photos above were taken in and around the Bodleian Library quadrangle at Oxford University, where the "English" London' scenes were being filmed, and in Merton College lane.

‘The Girl in the Cafe’ Lift shot on set; with myself (left front), Bill Nighy, Kelly Macdonald (behind) Photo by Joss Barratt/Tightrope Pictures/BBC (from Daily Telegraph Colour Supplement, 25th June 2005)

Bust portrait of self

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