Former Occupations

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Corriedale Sheep,
a cross between an
English Lincoln
and a
Spanish Merino

August 1953 - October 1954:

Worked as part-time station hand, on ‘Beulah’, a Corriedale Stud sheepstation (or sheep farm) of 7,000 acres. Here I learnt to milk cows by hand, ride a horse- Australian Bush style, and to harness and drive a pony and trap. I would milk 4 cows by hand at 6.00am and after breakfast did schoolwork until lunchtime, then assist - with my Father - the owner and his overseer in whatever work was being done.


P and O Line

BLUE to the mast
RED to the fly
YELLOW to the deck
WHITE to the sky

P and O Line

P and O Line Arcadia at Port Melbourne

S.S."Arcadia" at Port Melbourne

October 1954 - Jan 1962:

Started as a junior office clerk at MacDonald Hamilton & Company Pty. Ltd., the main Australian Agents for the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Co. Ltd.,
(P and O Line), situated at 311 Collins Street, Melbourne.

I started as an office junior, (One of my tasks was to raise the P and O House Flag every morning and lower it at night.) Progressing through the Post Room, Accounts Department and Freight Manifesting Department, and finally after I was 21 years of age, to the Passenger Department.

When P and O took over the Orient Line, in 1960, the P and O staff moved into the Orient Line building at 356 Collins Street.

When the new “Canberra” arrived in Melbourne on her maiden voyage, very early on a sunney morning in June 1961 I became the third person to board her in Victorian Waters. The first being the Pilot, at Port Philip Heads, the second being the Senior Customs Boarding Officer. The Customs Officer and myself went out to meet Canberra some five miles down Port Philip Bay, travelling in the small Customs Launch very nearly morning.

I left P and O in January 1962, originally to travel to London, on the last voyage of P and O’s “Strathnaver”, however I disembarked at Fremantle, returning to Melbourne where I was offered the position of Berthing Officer for an Italian Company, Sitmar Line.

Sitmar Line
February 1962 - February 1967:

Sitmar was the name derived from the Italian name of the company: Societa Italia Trasporti Maritimi, owned by the Vlasov Family. The company operated to Australia with 4 ships, Fairsea, Fairsky, Castel Felice and Fairstar, the latter vessel originally the Bibby Line Troopship “Oxfordshire”.

I worked as Berthing Officer for “Fairsea” from March 1962 to January 1965 in Melbourne, then transferred to the London office in Billiter Street, travelling aboard “Fairsea”.

I left Sitmar Line in January 1967 and returned to Melbourne aboard P and O’s “Orsova” in February 1967.

Ansett Airlines of Australia
May 1967 - May 1969:
I joined Ansett Airlines of Australia, in their Melbourne office, in May 1967, having worked for a short period after my return for the Myer Emporium. I underwent a period of telephone sales training before joining the telephone reservations section where, after about six months, I was promoted to Agents Supervisor until I transferred to the Adelaide office, where I stayed until I was ‘headhunted’ by a Greek shipping company called ‘Chandris Lines’ whose Australian Head Office was at the top end of Collins Street in Melbourne.
Chandris Lines

1969 to January 1973:
Joined the company in their new Melbourne offices in Collins Street as Senior Berthing Officer for the Chandris Lines Flagship “Australis”. Chandris operated a cruise subsidiary in the Medterranean and a Round-the-World Liner service with “Australis”, “Britanis”, and ”Ellinis”.

The ships sailed from Bremerhaven or Southampton to Australia via the Suez Canal, then returned to Britain via the Panama Canal and Miami or New York.

I left the company in January 1973, returning with my Wife, aboard “Australis" to Miami, then after a few weeks, boarded “Ellinis” in New York for Southampton, arriving 1st March 1973.

CTC Lines

CTC Lines Business Card

1973 to late 1974:
I was offered the position of Passenger Manager with CTC lines who operated out of a small office in Ealing, West London. It was a Charter company operating to Australia, chartering Russian passenger ships. It was not very satisfactory until the Black Sea Shipping Company, who were the actual owners of the ships, bought two Cunard Liners for refurbishment, Franconia/Ivernia which became the Fedor Shalyapin and Carmania/Saxonia which became the Leonid Sobinov both of which improved matters considerably, I left to join -

Funnel Badge

January 1975 - September 1979: worked as Passenger Manager for this small Greek Cruise Line who had purchased the former Shaw Savill & Albion Line’s “Southern Cross” and renamed her “Calypso”. They also had a smaller vessel named "Ithaca", after the island from where the Greek owners came.

I stayed with this company until the cruise side of the business was bought by American interests, and the London passenger office was closed at the end of August 1979, making me redundant. As part of my farewell gift, however, was a two week cruise to Holland, the Baltic Capitals and Oslo together with my Wife and six months old baby daughter Annaliese.

I worked as a freelance travel consultant, as well as undergoing an Export Marketing Management course, and one or two other projects, until I finally joined Local Government at Kensington Town Hall in February 1989

February 1989 - April 1998:
Originally employed as Marketing Officer for the ‘Community Alarm Service’, part of the Housing Department, in Kensington Town Hall, I gradually found myself being involved in producing publications for the Alarm Service as well as the Housing Department. I was supplied with a computer, printers and scanner and set up as a stand-alone publications system to operate as a Departmental resource. This continued until April 1998 when the Department had undergone yet another major re-structuring and my job came to an end and I took early retirement on redundancy.