Ulysses Line

Calypso alongside wharf

S.S "Calypso",
formerly the S.S. "Southern Cross"
of Shaw Savill & Albion Line,
in her
Ulysses Line

Ulysses Line label

Calypso at Night

S.S "Calypso" at night
from the promotional brochure
originally designed and printed
by Cope and Davies.

Aerial view of Calypso
S.S "Calypso" from shipboard photo covers
Ulysses Line was a small Greek shipping company, based in London, which operated freighters and small tankers. The company was started by two brothers from the Greek Island of Ithaca Nick and John Vlassopoulos. They purchased two redundant liners, "Southern Cross", which they renamed "Calypso", and "Ithaca", which because of the association with the brothers birthplace, kept her name.

At this time the Brothers had made an agreement with a Miami agency to become our USA agents who proceeded to make bookings there, so I gave them an allocation of cabins as well also at this time we had a German Agency appointed so that we could sell to them as well. This meant that on any sailing we had British, Dutch, German, Americans and, at times, a few Italians, Danes and Norwegian passengers.

"Ithaca" was mainly used in the Mediterranaean and was generally booked out of Piraeus.

With the closing of the Suez Canal in the late 1970's the Brothers bought/leased two big tankers to go round the Cape in Southa Africa to carry oil from the Persian Gulf to the UK. They only made a few voyages when the Suez Canal was re-opened and the tankers were left without a cargo because they were too big to transit the canal, and therefore took too long to take a cargo round the Cape.

Ulysses Line was therefore forced to get rid of the tankers, and to pay debts, the two passenger ships were also put up for sale, both being bought by US interests and the company decided that the passenger side of the company would be closed down, with the last sailing of "Calypso" under the Ulysses Line flag being in August, 1979.

Boat and Main Games Deck
Boat and Main Games Deck
Nafsika's Pool
Nafsika's Pool

Ithaca Lounge
Ithaca Lounge

Two Bed Outside Cabin
2 Bed Outside Cabin on A(zalia) Deck
Three Berth Outside Cabin
3 Berth Outside Cabin on B(egonia) Deck
Three and Fourt Berth Cabin on D and E Decks
3 or 4 Berth Inside Cabin D(ahlia) and E(rica) Decks

Deckplan A Deck Plan Erica and Lower Deck
Calypso Deck Plans showing Lower Bridge to Lower decks.
These and the photographs above,appeared in the promotional
brochure originally designed and printed by Cope and Davies.

Colourful Menu Cover

One of the colourful Menu Covers

As a farewell gesture by the company those of us that wished to take advantage of it, were offered a free voyage on the last cruise which was the Baltic Cruise in August 1979. Myself, Wife 6 months old baby daughter travelled as the Company's guests, together with our Rotterdam Port Agent's Water Clerk and his Partner, who are now our son's God Parents

Me attending Passengers Boat Drill
Photographed by the Ship's Photographer, showing me during Passenger's Boat Drill

Anne going ashore at Stockholm
Anne going ashore in Stockholm

Me carrying Annaliese in her Carrycot at Stockholm
Me going ashore in Stockholm carrying our baby daughter, Annaliese, in the carry cot.

Captain's Cocktail Party
Anne and I being welcomed by the
Captain P. Marcopoulos

Calypso At Rotterdam

Left: "Calypso" alongside at Rotterdam in August 1979, during her final cruise to the Baltic Capitals under the flag of Ulysses Line. Photographed by Michael Byard August 1979.
(Michael Byard Collection)
Footnote: " Calypso" was re-named "Azure Seas", subsequently sold on again with the name "Monarch Star". In 2001, she was under charter to Imperial Majesty Cruise Line with her name changed to "Ocean Breeze" . My friend in Melbourne, John Dickinson, informs me that he saw that she was sold in November 2003 to be broken up at Chittagong, so another lovely ship has gone to the scrapheap!

Daily Programme Cover

The Daily Programme was produced each day and delivered last thing at night under the cabin door covering the following day's activities, port information, shore excursions etc.

Invitation to Captainm's Table

Invitation to be the Captain's Guest "Calypso" 26th August 1979

Calypso Funnel Badge

This logo, or badge, was shown on each side of Calypso's funnel and represents a stylised Greek sailingvessel. The design is very simple and very effective.

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