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Insignia of the Royal Australian
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Insignia of the Royal Australian Naval Reserve




Ordinary Seaman Byard RANR

Myself as an Ordinary Seaman, RANR, 1958

Whilst working at P and O Lines I joined the Royal Australian Naval Reserve as a Recruit Seaman, the day after my 18th Birthday (8th October 1957) becaming an Ordinary Seaman in early 1958. My "Ship" was a Stone Frigate, HMAS Lonsdale, situated at Port Melbourne.

In those days I did not have the necessary educational qualifications to become an Officer cadet but stayed in until called up for National Service in the Army!

When I received my registration papers, the three Services were still taking National Servicemen so I applied for the RAN, however between registering and being called up the government of the day dropped the Navy and RAAF and everyone was sent into the Army!

Later because of time and work committments I did not return to the RANR, but did maintain an interest, which remains to this very day.

I wear the gold-embroidered badge on my blazer, which is similar to that shown at top left, and the matching tie with pride.

For former members of the RAN and RANR there is an excellent website called the "gunplot", its address is shown below.

RAN Base, Garden Island 1965
The Royal Australian Navy Base,
Garden Island, Sydney Harbour, 1965,
taken from Sitmar Line's "Fairsea"

The Royal Australian Navy's
HMAS "Sydney" January 1970, taken
from Chandris Line's "Australis"
Royal Navy
British Power Boat Co.
RAN and RANR Gunplot
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