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Some Orsova Ephemera

Orsova Mexican Night Dinner Menu Cover Jan 1973
Mexican Night Dinner Menu dated Monday 29th January 1973. The Ship was on her way from Southampton to San Francisco.

On the back page of the menu cover are shown details of Orsova's particulars, where she was named after, and the name of her interior designer, Brian O'Rorke. His association with Orient Line began with Orion in 1936.

Front Cover of Entertainment ProgrammeJanuary 1973Back Cover Programme January 1973
Programme Cover, front and back of Entertainment during Orsova's Round World Voyage in 1973
Orsova Programme Page 2
Orsova Programme Page 3
Orsova Cabin Plan
Orsova Cabin Plan
Orsova Cabin Plan
Lounge Orsova
Restaurant Oronsy
Orsova Starboard Bow from Bridge
Two Berth Cabin
Veranda Bar
Cabin Plan Statistics
A and B Decks Cabin Plan
C and D Deck Cabin Plan E and F Decks Cabin Plan
Orsova Tourist Class Cabin Plan, with the ship now operating under the new company banner - P and O-Orient Lines
P and O-Orient World sea Routes
This was aquired by me in August 2015 from a seller in New South Wales.

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