Peninsular and Oriental
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Centenary Booklet 1837 - 1937


New (1937) Corporate Armorial Bearings In 1937 the Company celebrated its Centenary and at this time took the opportunity to approach the College of Arms in London to request a new Corporate Grant of Arms which would reflect the Company's coverage of the Globe. The arms, shown here, show triangular quarterings which are based on the colours of the houseflag, Blue (Azure), White (represented by Silver -Argent), Red (Gules) and Yellow ( represented by gold - Or). The flag is flown "Blue to the mast, Red to the fly, Yellow to the deck and White to the sky". The Red Lion Statant represents England (or Britain), the Golden Elephant India, the Blue Dragon, China/Asia and the Golden Kangaroo Australia. The Motto: roughly translates to "None Shall Separate".

In September 1937 two publications appeared in print. One, a small 24 page souvenir booklet entitled, on the front cover, "1837- P and O 1937" and on the back cover " A Hundred Year History of the P and O" by Boyd Cable and published by Ivor Nicholson and Watson. At the same time, also authored by Boyd Cable, the same publishers produced a large hardback book with the same title as the booklet, however the book contains 289 pages and is a very readable and comprehensive history of the Company up to that time. The souvenir booklet, part of the "Michael Ian Byard" collection, is reproduced below.

Centenary Booklet Front Cover Inside Front Cover

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