Arcadia Canadian Cruise
16th September - 10th October 2019

to celebrate my 80th Birthday.

On Monday 16th September 2019, my wife Anne and I were driven down to Southampton by our Daughter, Annaliese,
to board P and O Cruises Arcadia as I wished to celebrate my 80th Birthday at Sea, with the Company ( though now sadly American owned) with whom I celebrated my 21st Birthday, 59 years ago, when employed by the Company in the Melbourne Office in Collins Street. The following is a short resume of a most enjoyable cruise and holiday.
Arcadia at Venice by friend Jennifer Dyer
A lovely photograph of Arcadia at Venice taken by my friend
Jennifer Dyer in Adelaide and used with permission and thanks.

Me on my 21st Birthday
A photograph taken of me on my 21st Birthday when working
for P and O in the Melbourne Office, in 1960
Capt Ashley Cook and Ian 17 Sept 2019
With Captain Ashley Cook, during the Voyage
Southampton to Quebec, where he left the ship.
Sign welcoming us to Charlottetown, 3rd October 2019
Cathedral at Charlottetown, NS, Canada
The Cathedral in Charlottetown, Nova Scotia, Canada

Picturesque Houses, Charlottetown,
Nova Scotia, Canada.
Sydney, Nova Scotia Cruise Terminal Entrance
Sydney Cruise Terminal Entrance,
Nova Scotia, Canada.
SydneyCruise Terminal
The BIG Fiddle outside the Cruise Terminal Building,
Sydney, Nova Scotia
In Mid-Atlantic, 7th October 2019
Mid Atlantic 7th October 2019
Some birthday cards I received aboard ship
Some of the Birthday cards I received whilst on board,
7th October 2019

The Birthday Cake made for me aboard Arcadia.

Our Table Companions

Anne and I near "my" Arcadia's bell.

With Captain Luko Vojvoda and the bell
from "my" Arcadia

With Captain Luko Vojvoda, Anne and the bell
from "my" Arcadia
Masonry Afloat-Agenda Cover
List of Brethren
The list of Brethren who attended are shown with their respective Masonic Ranks and Masonic Provinces.
Masonic Cocktail Party Agenda

As is generally the case with cruise ships operating out of the United Kingdom, at some time during the cruise there is an opportunity have a Masonic Cocktail Party. An article is placed in the ship's daily newspaper for any Brethren who may be on board and who would like to have a small get-together with an opportunity to make a collection (what else!!!) to support the Captain's chosen charity which was the Teenage Cancer Trust. So we held it just before Lunch on the day after my Birthday.