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Some items of Canberra ephemera - Menus and their covers
A series of specially illustrated Menu covers, of oil and watercolour paintings, featuring important ships in the Company's History.
Canberra Menu Cover 22nd March 1988
Dinner Menu Cover for
22nd March 1988
Depicting Caernarvon Castle, built between 1283-4 and altered c1330, showing the Eagle Tower, one of the largest built
Canberra Dinner Menu 22nd March 1988
Dinner Menu for

22nd March 1988 showing about 17 courses available, and with bottled and House wines from £4.25 to £8.75

Canberra Dinner Menu Cover Morea 1908
Dinner Menu Cover for
22nd April 1993
This is Morea, 10,890 tons, built in 1908. Shown here off Gravesend in 1913. (Name of artist not shown)

Canberra Menu Cover Canton 1848
Dinner Menu Cover for
5th May 1993. Canton, 1848, towing HMS Columbine in Hong Kong against Pirate Junks in 1849. (Oil by Norman Wilkinson 1938)

Dinner Menu Cover for
29th April 1994
Strathaird 1932, 23,000 tons, second of the new Class of five White Sisters, evacuated 6000 troops and British Gold from Brest in 1940.
(Oil by Derek Smoothey 1986)

Canberra Dinner Menu Cover-Sunda at Malta
Dinner Menu Cover for
15th April 1995
Sunda, 1,680 tons, was built at Middlesborough for Hong Kong to Japan Service. Shown at Malta in 1866. Sold to Sultan of Zanzibar 1882
(Oil, English School)

Canberra Dinner Menu Cover-Tanjore at Venice
Dinner Menu Cover for
17th April 1995
Tanjore, 2,445 tons , built 1866, shown at Venice.
(Watercolour - Artist unknown) Operated variously between Southampton/Alexandria, Hong Kong/Sydney in her working life

Dinner Menu Cover for
29th April 1995
Medina, 12,358 tons, built 1911 and last of the 'M' Class. Used as the Royal Yacht for Delhi Durbar in 1911, returned to Pand O June 1912.
(Oil by W. Wyllie)

Postcard of Canberra bought in Oxfordshire December 2019
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