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Some items of Canberra ephemera
Menu Cover 20 Sept 1963
Menu Cover for
20th September 1963
Dinner Menu 20 Sept 1963
Dinner Menu for
20th September 1963
Menu Cover 1st October 1963
Menu Cover for
1st October 1963
Landfall Menu Cover Oct 1963
Landfall Menu Cover for
4th October 1963
Canberra First Class Cabin Plan
Canberra First and Tourist Deck Plans
Canberra Tourist Class Cabin Plan
From 1960, and with the acquisition of the remaining Orient Line shares by P and O, the new joint company became know as P and O-Orient Lines. At this time Canberra was to operate as a two class liner and so two sets of cabin plans were produced, one for each class, examples of which are shown above. The issuing of these plans continued until Canberra became a one-class vessel, when new brochures advertising her cruising role were produced with one plan showing all cabins.
Canberra Drink Coaster when under P and O-Orient Lines(post 1962)
Drink Coaster

Powder Compact in mint condition

Purchased 2018

Canberra Bone Chins Souvenir Vase of her
Round The World Cruise in 1995.

One of the most popular items, usually in my day purchased quite cheaply from the various on-board bars, was the Company's playing cards, many of which were made/printed by De La Rue featuring a variety of designs on the back of the cards. Some of these designs are shown on the page P and O Line Page 2, and are part of my collection. Other shipping companies, of course, also produced their own excellent cards.
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