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This next set of photographs covers the magnificent city ruins of Ephesus. These are truly spectacular and are amazingly well preserved. The site is an Archaeologists dream come true! From Kusadasi we sailed for the Greek Island of Rhodes, a firm favourite for Anne and I and a place where we have stayed on many occasions.

PORTS of CALL - Ephesus, from Kusadasi

Upper Gymnasium Baths
Upper Gymnasium Baths from the entrance to the site.
Ephesus entrance
The Odeon, situated at the upper end of the complex.
Another view of The Odeon, showing rows of seats.
Government Agora
The Government Agora taken from near the Odeon.
Kuretes Street
Kuretes Street looking downhill towards The Library.

Hadrianus Temple
Hadrianus Temple from Kuretes Street.
Kuretes Street and Hadrianus Temple
Kuretes Street and the Hadrianus Temple.
Ancient Public Toilets
Ancient Public Toilets, nothing is new!
The Library
The Library off Kuretes Street, still undergoing restoration.
Carved Helmet
Helmet, Sword and leg guards carved in marble
The Library complex
The Library complex with uncovered archaeology.
Grand Theatre
The Grand Theatre and Marble Road.
Oriana and Star Princess
Oriana and Star Princess-two cliffs of steel- at Kusadasi.

Star Princess sailing from Kusadasi
The World at Kusadasi
The World, a floating home of apartments for millionaires
Oriana Send Off
Oriana Passengers giving Star Princess a British Sail-away.
PORTS of CALL- Rhodes (Rhodos)

Mandraki Harbour, Rhodes
Looking towards Mandraki Harbour, Rhodes, Greece.

Rhodes Old Town vista
Typical street inside Rhodes Old Town, shops and tavernas.
Towards the Grand Master's alace, Rhodes
Looking towards the Grand Master's Palace, Rhodes
Rhodes Taverna, Old Town
Taverna with two live Macaws, in Rhodes Old Town.
PORTS of CALL- La Goulette, Tunisia

We arrived at La Goulette, the port for Tunis, to find that there had been a coup a few weeks previously and that the country was now going to become democratic instead of despotic! The uprising was apparantly spontaneous and supported by most of the population. Just to be on the safe side, however, armoured vehicles were still parked in strategic positions and razor wire was evident around government buildings. Apart from that we received a warm and cordial welcome. it is an interesting place to visit.

We also visited the Bardot Museum originally a palace now (or at the time we were there) being refurbished and made into a museum to house, amongst other items, dozens of mosaics, wall mounted and floor laid. These are being "salvaged, collected" from Roman and Greek sites all over Tunisia and brought to this one place "so as to have the mosaics safely all in one place"! Though the idea, in theory at least, is laudable from a historical and archaeological point of view it is very unsatisfactory because the mosaics should be seen in, and at, their original sites to be in context. Moving them like they are doing is to totally take them out of context, they just then become a collection of pretty mosaic pictures.

From the museum we were taken to the Roman ruins of Carthage. The city, long a thorn in the Roman side was, when the Romans finally captured it, totally destroyed. In its place the Romans built their own city of Carthage, the bath ruins being all that now remains.

Camel Corps La Goulette
La Goulette, Camel Corps welcoming us.

View over the City of Tunis, recently liberated after a coup.
City Square, Tunis
The Main Square in the City of Tunis.
Shop in the Medina
Typical enclosed shop in The Medina, or Market.
Ceramic Tile Decoration in The Medina
Ceramic decorated doors on a shop in The Medina.
Open Stall in The Medina
Open Stall selling shoes, and other things, The Medina.

Decorated Doorway, The Medina
Decorated Doorway in
The Medina.

Tunis and Razor Wire
Razor wire still in situ, near the main square in Tunis
Bardo Museum Mosaics
The Bardot Museum, Mosaic on wall.

Bardot Museum Ceiling
One of the ceilings in the Bardot Museum, superb work.
Detial of Ceiling Corner
Detail of a ceiling corner in the Bardot Museum, beautiful.
Archway Ceiling, Bardot Museum
Detail of an Archway ceiling in the museum.
PORTS of CALL- Carthage
Carthage, a general view Mediterranean in background.
Carthage overview
Carthage main view of baths and Mediterranean.
Carthage structures
Carthage baths area with remaining structures
Carthage Roman Inscription
Roman inscription and carved decoration
Carthage carved decoration
Carved decoration, possibly from a pediment or frieze which is in remarkably good condition.
Carthage Street Scene
Carthage street scene, clean, rubbish free and picturesque.
House Museum
Carthage, Tunisian House Museum, with well dressed "ladies" mannikins
Well Dressed "Men"
Another room this tme with well dressed men dummies, or mannikins
Mosaic decorative panel
A decorative panel inside one of the rooms.
Carthage house door
An ornamented front door of a house in Carthage

Oriana and Pulmanturs Sovereign
Pulmantur Sovereign

La Goulette Sunset
Sunset and Carthage
Sunset and Carthage from the sea

Oriana Voyage to Antiquity
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