"Oriana" Western Mediterranean and Spain Cruise
24th October - 11th November 2018


P and O Rising Sun Stem Plaque

Anne and I Sailed from Southampton on the 24th October for what turned out to be our last cruise aboard Oriana. We were due to call at Cartegena, Valencia, Barcelona, Civitavecchia, Naples, Malta, Cagliara, Gibraltar and Cadiz. Due to bad weather, however, the call to Civitavecchia was cancelled as we were approaching the entrance because of high winds and the lack of tugs to assist us in. It was to be our last voyage aboard her because it was announced that the ship had been sold to the Chinese to become either a floating hotel or conference centre.... grim echos of her predecessor who suffered the same fate until she was finally scrapped. I feel sad because this Oriana was the last ship built for P and O when the company was still a British Company. She is due to leave P and O Cruises in July 2019.

The photograph, left, is of the "old" P and O Stem Plaques which always used to be attached to every vessel. There are still some Princess Cruises vessels that still have the plaque, put there when that company was part of the P and O Group.

Not all the ports we visited have been included here because they have been included in other cruising pages.

Bay of Biscay from Promenade DeckThe Bay of Biscay from the Promenade Deck
Strange British Flagged Yacht
A strange British Flagged Yacht in Cartagena
A pre WW2 Classic Steam Yacht
A Classic Pre WW2 Steam Yacht at Cartagena Boat Yard

"Oriana" alongside at Cartagena

"Sea Cloud" and " Wind Star"
Classic Clipper Sea Cloud
"Sea Cloud"
Wind Star leaving port
"Wind Star" leaving Port with " Sea Cloud" on her Starboard Side
Artania formerly Artemis"Artania" at Barcelona, formerly
P and O's "Artemis" and before that "Royal Princess"
Pulmantur's Zenith at Barcelona
Pulmantur's "Zenith" at Barcelona
View of Guadi's Cathedral
Gaudi's unfinished Cathedral
Front of Gaudi Cathedral
Front of Gaudi Cathedral

Main Entrance to Gaudi Cathedral

Inside the Cathedral
Concrete Columns inside Cathedral
Stained Glass Windows
Cathedral Stained Glass
Corner of Cathedral
Corner of the Cathedral
Building in Gaudi Park
Gaudi Park Museum Building
The Gaudi Ceramic Lizard
The Gaudi Lizard, situated in the middle of the Park and made up of pieces of ceramic tiles. Very clever
Ceramic faced wall columns in Gaudi Park
Ceramic faced and decorated Wall Columns lining the steps to the main building in Gaudi Park
Oriana joined in Barcelona by Queen Victoria
"Oriana" joined by "Queen Victoria"
At Sea
Oriana's new carpet
"Oriana's" new carpet
Presentation Painting of First Oriana
Presentation Painting of the First Oriana, subscribed by former members of P and O Australia.
List of Subscribers to Oriana Painting
List of Subscribers of P and O Australia to the Oriana Painting. Some of whom I knew.
Port Presentation Plaques on Purser's Office Wall
Port Presentation Plaques given to the ship on her Maiden Calls to each place
Port Presentation Plaques 2
Port Presentation Plaques, opposite to the those on the left.
Presentation Plaque or Shield from Hobart, Tasmania
Presentation Shield from Hobart in Tasmania
Approaching Gibraltar
Approaching Gibraltar
View over Gibraltar from Summit
View over Gibraltar from the Summit
Oriana at Gibraltar at Night
"Oriana" at Gibraltar
British Flagged Private Yacht
British Flagged Private Yacht

Part of the Royal Riding School Hall
Royal Riding School Hall
Royal Riding School Hall
Gonzales Byass Winery
Entrance to Gonzales Byass Winery Barrel Display
Gonzales Byass Winery
Gonzales Byass Winery
Entrance to Wine Shop
Gonzales Byass Wine Shop

Gonzales Byass Shop Entrance
So it is Farewell to our favourite ship, such a shame that she is going. The Chief Engineer told me that there were extensive plumbing problems which now needed continual attention. In fact during this voyage we experienced a few places where water pipes had burst and the subsequent flooding meant humidifiers and hot air fans were being used a lot to try and counteract the problem. What a pity but she will remain in our memories as a lovely ship inside, not so picturesque from the outside, except for her Stern Galleries which were quite something.