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PORTS of CALL - Cadiz, Seville, Spain
From Carthage, Oriana set sail for Cadiz from which port Anne and I were to do a tour which would take us to the City of Seville and also to visit the site of the Spanish Pavillion which was built for the 1929 Latin American and Spanish World Expo. The site, now used for government departments as well as tourism is a real tour-de-force of ceramic tiles. Amazing place.
Cadiz Waterfront
A view of part of the Cadiz waterfront taken from coach.

Road to Seville
A view of the road on the way to Seville.
Seville Park
One of the nice parks in Seville, note architecture.
Seville-Spanish Pavillion
Part of the Spanish Pavillion, just inside the entrance.
Spanish Pavillion
Cloisters along a wing of the Spanish Pavillion.
Spanish Pavillion-plaza
Part of the Plaza at the Spanish Pavillion, bridge in foreground.
Spanish Pavillion-Bridge across canal
A ceramic covered bridge over the canal, Spanish Pavillion.
Spanish Pavillion-The Canal
Canal built for the Spanish Pavillion, note hire boats.

Ceramic Balustrades, Spanish Pavillion
Ceramic Balustrades, Spanish Pavillion.

Man view of Spanish Pavillion
Main View of Spanish Pavillion, note the patterned Plaza area.
Seville Cathedral
Seville Cathedral, largest Medieval church in Europe.
Seville Cathedral, inside Main Door
Centrepiece inside main entrance
Orangery, Seville Cathedral
The Orangery Square at Seville Cathedral.

Main Altar Screen, Seville Cathedral
Altar screen of wood (not stone), Seville Cathedral
Seville Cathedral from Square
Seville Cathedral viewed from
the square.

Spanish Wedding Couple
Spanish Newly Wedded Couple in a Seville Square.

Aida Bella at Cadiz
"Aida Bella" at Cadiz, from "Oriana".

Leaving Cadiz Harbour
Leaving Cadiz harbour en-route to Southampton.

Berth 102 Southampton
Back in Southampton, starting refurbishment, items on quay.
Oriana Officers party 2011
On our return to Berth 102 in Southampton New Docks, contractors came on board as members of the ship's crew lost no time in off-loading items that were to be renewed or revamped. The children's play area would be replaced with new cabins. The ship was to become an Adults Only ship.
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