Mediterranean and Egyptian Odyssey 2012

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Messina, Italy
Oriana's new skirt
Oriana's new skirt, added last December
Messina, Campanile
The Campanile at Messina
Messina Main SquareMessina, Main Square

Messina-View of Harbour
Messina, view over harbour with Oriana
Empress at Messina
Messina, Pulmantur's Empress
Seabourne Legend at Messina
Messina, Seabourne Legend
Carnival Breeze in MessinaMessina, Carnival Breeze
From Messina we set sail for the Egyptian port of Port Said, at the head of the Suez Canal. We were to transit the canal partly at night and partly in the next day. In the meantime we undertook a coach tour of Cairo, a three hour journey accompanied by armed Police. The last time I did such a trip was in February 1967, on the way back to Australia.
Port Said, Cairo, Suez Canal, Safaga - Egypt
Arriving at Port Said
Arriving alongside at Port Said,a lot more
built-up than in 1967.
Welcome to Port Said
Welcome to Port Said- a bit different to 1967,
but just as dirty
Port Said looking towards the Canal Entrance
Looking towards the entrance to the Suez Canal
Road Bridge over the Canal
Road Bridge over Suez Canal
from the coach
Cairo suburbs with dozens of unfinished
Cairo and Pyramids
Cairo suburbs with more unfinished builds
and Pyramids
Cairo-Giza Plateau
Cairo outskirts - the Giza Plateau
upon which the Pyramids stand
Cairo - Giza Plateau and the Pyramid of Khafra
Great Pyramid of Cheops
Cairo - Giza with the Great Pyramid
of Kufu or Cheops
A Pyramid Rock
Giza - A Pyramid stone below the Great Pyramid
Anne at the Pyramids
Giza - Anne at the base of the Great Pyramid
Anne at Khafra
Giza - Anne at the Pyramid of Khafra
Giza with Cairo Encroaching
Giza with Cairo suburbs now encroaching the area
Egyptian Pyramid Scene
Quintessentially Egypt with Khafra, Cheops, Menkaura, and Camel!
Giza - The Sphinx
The Sphinx with the Pyramid of
Khafra in the background
Cairo-Papyrus Factory
Cairo - Papyrus Factory demonstration and
items for sale!
Cairo University
Cairo University on the outskirts
of Cairo
Chandris Ship in Canal
A Chandris Lines ship transitting the
Suez Canal, photo from road
Port Said at Night
Port Said at Night on the first day
of the Muslim Holiday
Port Said at Night
Port Said Quay awaiting the Northbound Convoy
to come through
Port Said - Suez Canal Building
Port Said, Suez Canal Company Building near entrance to the Canal
Suez Canal-Great Bitter Lake
Suez Canal Great Bitter Lake Station
Safaga Egypt
Port of Safaga situated on Egypt's Red Sea Coast,
a Godforesaken place!
Safaga General View
Port of Safaga, general view, nearest port to
Luxor, 3 hours drive away
Gulf of Suez Sunset
Gulf of Suez Sunset
Suez Canal looking South
Suez Canal looking South
Suez Canal Road Bridge
Suez Canal Road Bridge
Road Bridge over the Canal from Oriana
The Road Bridge over the Suez Canal
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