Miscellaneous Passenger Ships

These photographs were taken by me, except where noted, of passenger ships, some with I had dealings or visited, which are not included in previous pages on the website and were taken at various times and places but are shown as part of my Maritime Gallery.

Tjiluwa of R I L
"Tjiluwah" from a photograph in the 1961 Adlard Coles publication Passenger Liners by Laurence Dunn.

The "Tjiluwah" was built for Royal Interocean Lines Australia, Japan and Hong Kong Service,in 1951, the year following her sister ship "Tjiwangi". Both were built by Van der Giessen at Krimpen in Holland.

They were 8, 627 and 8,624 tons gross weight and 479 feet in length and a beam of 63 feet and draught of 23 feet 7 inches. They had a service speed of 16 knots and carried 98 First and 120 Second class passengers. The whole of First class was airconditioned.

In January 1972 "Tjiwangi" was withdrawn from service. We occasionally had bookings for her for our passengers who wished to travel aboard her but in conjunction with P and O services as a sea/sea interchange ticket.

Oranje of Royal Dutch Mail Line

"Oranje " Built and launched in 1938 by Netherlands S.B. Co., Amsterdam for Nederland Line Royal Dutch Mail (N.V. Stoomvaart Maatschappi "Nederland") for their Round the World westabout service. She was unique in having a tumblehome to her hull designed to reduce tonnage and therefore to reduce her transit canal dues.

She was 656 feet in length with a beam of 83 feet and drew 28 feet 10 inches. She had a gross tonnage of 20,551 and was driven by three Sulzer diesels each driving a propellor which gave her a service speed of 21.5 knots. In June 1939, during her trials, she achieved a speed of 26 knots and so became the world's fastest motor ship. She carried 323 First and 626 Tourist Class passengers.

Star Cruises Super Star Leo

The Star Cruises "Super Star Leo" and
"Super Star Virgo". These were sent to Melbourne and Sydney in
April 2003 to avoid the SARS epidemic that broke out in Hong Kong and mainland China (see below).

Photographed in Hong Kong Harbour
9th March 2003 by Michael Byard.
(Michael Byard Collection)

Star Cruises Super Star Leo at Hong Kong
The Star
Cruises "Super Star Leo"

Photographed in Hong Kong Harbour
9th March 2003 by Michael Byard.
(Michael Byard Collection)

Super Star Leo in Port Philip Bay
Photographed in Port Philip Bay, Victoria, Australia
photo by Andrew Mackinnon of Melbourne and used
with his permission and my thanks..
Shipping Book Match Covers
Shipping Company Book Match Covers: French Line
and Holland America Line, date unknown.
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