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The following links are mainly of other Maritime websites, though there are other links that I have found useful and helpful, that are of interest not only to myself but hopefully to visitors to my site also.

If you are similarly minded and have a Maritime site that you would like to link to mine and are willing to have a reciprocal link, please contact me with details.

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This P and O Heritage websit is a great site, keeping the heritage of what was the finest shipping company in the world, and British at that.

Although the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company is now no longer British, though its name still lives on under Dubai ownership, the memory of the Company's magnificent vessels both pre and post WW2 lives on through countless private websites (including my own company webpages) and this site. Be sure to visit.

P and O Heritage

PandO Handbook

A great site devoted to Staff, sea and shore, who worked for British India Steam Navigation Company in various parts of the world.
Nick Messinger's lovely site for those of us who belonged to THE original Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company, whether on shore or at sea. Nick was First Officer, s.s. Chusan circa 1972.
Steve Matthews has produced an excellent site on this great favourite
Ken Ironside's great site, he was Gym Instructor on the S.S. "Australis"
The site for ex-Royal Australian Navy and Royal Australian Naval Reserve personnel. A great site and a credit to the Webmaster
A great site devoted to the restoration of British Military Powerboats with some magnificent photographs. Well worth a regular visit!
British Military Powerboat Logo
An interesting site illustrating Royal Air Force Air Sea Rescue & Marine Crafts and their service.
An interesting site illustrating Royal Air Force Air Sea Rescue & Marine Crafts and their service.
The Premier Maritime Museum website
A very good museum and site, Sydney, Australia
Hobart, Tasmania, an excellent little Museum in a lovely city, well worth a visit
South Australia
An interesting site and a good source of information with very helpful staff

Lymington, Cygnet, Tasmania, named after Lymington in Hampshire, the history of which was researched bymyself. The hamlet of Lymington was once at the centre of the apple growing industry in the Huon Valley, south of Hobart. Disastrous bushfires in the 1960s and 70s wiped out most of the orchards and cottages. Though there are one or two occupied dwellings there Lymington has become the name of a district, but it does have a local bay which bears its name.

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