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I have a great interest in most types of vessels, past and present, especially the the large passenger ships, but more especially the ‘traditional’ style of passenger liner, now sadly almost disappeared. I have been fortunate to have lived to have seen, been aboard, or indeed travelled in some of them.

Other vessels include sailing vessels, yachts and the wooden naval sailing warships, of which HMS Victory is such an excellent example. In my ‘Maritime Gallery’ (click on "Himalaya" below) are photographs and details of the various vessels with which I have either come into contact, been involved with, travelled in or had some connection with or indeed have been researching.

In the main my specialist interests are the Liners of Canadian Pacific, White Star Line (as was), Shaw Savill & Albion Line, under whose management the S.S. “New Australia” carried my Parents and I to Australia in 1953; P and O S.N.Co., with which company I worked for eight years in Melbourne and who were also agents for Australasian United Steam Navigation Co. (AUSN), Eastern and Australian Line (EandA) and British India Steam Navigation Co. (BISN); Cunard Line; Royal Interocean Lines; Sitmar Line, later bought by P and O, where I worked for five years - in Melbourne and then London; Chandris Lines, where I worked for four years in Melbourne; and Ulysses Line, in London, where I worked for for nearly five years, and which became my passenger shipping swan song!

My interest in, and great love of, ‘big ships’ is undiminished although to be fair I have yet to be convinced that the ‘new breed’ of ship, built like a block of flats and used extensively for cruising, has the same ambience and atmosphere of the regular voyaging liners of old and their long and relaxing voyages to far off places like Australia, South Africa and round-the-world.

A good place, in Europe, to see some of these cruise ships, as they are now known ( they no longer sail on a line from A to B as such), is in Rhodes Harbour, on the Island of Rhodes. This port is visited almost every day of the year and is a good place to take photographs. It is one of the few places in Greece, Piraeus is another, where photographing ships is not against the law. Across the water in Florida, Miami and Fort Lauderdale are exceedingly busy with cruise traffic.


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