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Shown below are photographs of, or taken by, former members of staff from various offices received and used with acknowledgments and thanks.



Lord Inchcape meeting the Melbourne Cricket Team 1958

Macdonald, Hamilton and Co. Pty Ltd's.
Melbourne Office Cricket Team
in 1958 meeting the then
Chairman of P and O - Lord Inchcape,
a keen cricketer, at a Sydney ground
escorted by our Captain Neil Watters.

(Michael Ian Byard Collection)

The Melbourne Office Team

The Melbourne Office Team, 1958.

Back: Fred Ferguson(Opener), Neil Watters, (Captain), Mr. Reg. Prowse (Co. Secretary), Graeme Burton (Keeper), Peter Rogers (Express Bowler).

Front: Bob Gardiner, John Hortle, Peter Foster, Ron Dann (Opener), Self, Reb Tailor, Percy DeZilwa, Doug Soul.

The Team also used to play scratch teams from our visiting liners in the summer months, usually during the week, but occasionally on the odd weekend. Before long distance flights became the norm P and O would carry both the Australian and English Test Teams to and from Australia, which made the tours quite long.
(Michael Ian Byard Collection)

MacHams Melbourne and Sydney Teams 1958
(Michael Ian Byard Collection)

Melbourne and Sydney held alternating inter-office matches, which generally co-incided with a trip on one of the liners to/from Melbourne or Sydney, with a return home by air, subsidised by the company.

The photograph, opposite, shows both teams, Sydney (left), Melbourne, (right),with Cmdr.Neville Drake Pixley (RANR) Senior Partner in Melbourne (centre), Lord Inchcape on his immediate right, and Mr Prowse, Sydney Office and Company Auditor on his left. My right boot can be seen at the extreme bottom right.

Photo of Ian Byard, Bruce McBain and Peter Lucas May 2003

This photograph, sent by Bruce, shows the three former Melbourne Office "juniors", Ian byard (Postal Dept., Accounts, Freight Manifesting and Passage Dept.), Bruce McBain (Accounts Dept.), and Peter Lucas (P and O Freight, Gray Dawes and Accounts) as they appeared in May 2003. 'Age has not wearied them nor the years condemned!!'

Sadly Peter passed away very suddenly whilst on a holiday in Turkey on 2nd October 2008.


MH Sydney Cruise Shore Excursion Staff
Himalaya June 1956 Cruise
Shore Excursion Staff

Shore Excursion Staff.
left to right: Peter Murray (Eldersmith's Adelaide), Rowan Hall, Gladys Peters, Hayden Ballard, Daphne Staton (afterwards Weedon), C.R.L. Cayzer, Derek Tigwell, F.R.W. Page.

Photographs left and below supplied by , and used with thanks to, Derek Tigwell, January 2004.

Sydney Office Cruise Staff, Himalaya 1956
Party Time on board!

Sydney Office Staff at Dinner 1956
More formal!

Macdonald, Hamilton and Co Pty Ltd. Melbourne
Macdonald, Hamilton and Co Pty Ltd Melbourne Page 2

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The Tug "Forceful" in Brisbane

The Tug "Forceful" photographed at the Brisbane Maritime Museum on 3rd June this year, 2004, by Peter Lucas and used with acknowledgements and thanks to him, is one of three tugs formerly owned by the company. Two others still survive "Fearless" - in Adelaide and "Carlock" supposedly in Auckland Maritime Museums. I have contacted both with the results shown below.

Bruce McBain says: "I notice "Forceful" has reverted to the AUSN, BI colours whereas in the 70's until the sale to Adsteam they had a distinctive red diamond on, I think, a blue background".

Tug Fearless in Port Adelaide
The Tug "Fearless" in Port Adelaide

This photograph of "Fearless" was sent to me by the Adelaide Maritime Museum in June 2004. I'm not sure where she is, apart from Port Adelaide, but she looks as though she is lying in a paddock.

The Museum have been asked for further information as Derek Tigwell has serious doubts as to whether she is the original vessel.

Bruce McBain doesn't recognise the funnel markings either.

The Tug "Carlock"

According to Marleene Boyd, Information Officer at the New Zealand Maritime Museum, The Auckland Harbour Board log cards show the Carlock was an Australian tug owned by P & O N.Z..

She is listed as arriving in Auckland on 15 November 1972 with Captain Sheraden as the Master. She towed in the WENCHOW (which came from Kobe, Japan), then sailed on 16 November 1972 for Brisbane. In the New Zealand Marine News, vol. 18(1) p. 20 there is a reference to the CARLOCK ( a Brisbane tug) assisting in the refloating of the freighter EASTERN ARGOSY which ran aground on route from Hong Kong to Sydney on Clark Reef (Queensland), 130 nautical miles north of Cooktown on January 9, 1966. Marleene has checked the Queensland Maritime Museum website (in Brisbane) for the vessel, but they do not have the CARLOCK listed as part of their vessel fleet. They may know where she is or what happened to her.

She also checked the International register of historic ships 3rd ed. 1999 by Brouwer. The CARLOCK is not listed. The CARLOCK is not listed as a New Zealand vessel, so regrettably they have no more information about her. I thank Marleene and the New Zealand Maritime Museum for the help that I have been given and for permission to use this information which is very much appreciated. The Museum may be contacted on:
The email address for general enquiries is:

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