Model of HMS Victory
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Further photographs will be added from time to time showing dates when added

Victory Model-Upper Deck Channels and Deadeyes
The model with Upper Deck Channels and Deadeyes
fitted August 2015

View of the Waist showing cannons under
construction and placed for effect, August 2015

The model prior to Beakhead Doors being opened,
with Mast hoops fitted, August 2015

Victory Model with Beakhead Doors open
The model with Beakhead doors set open and
Upper Deck Canons in place for effect September 2015

Model Canons awaiting fitting
The model's Upper Starboard Deck Canons
awaiting Breech Ropes, September 2015

The model's Waist with Canons for effect
awaiting Breech Ropes , September 2015
Victory Model upper bow view
The Beakhead doors set open, note Canons
with Breech Ropes fitted, October 2015,
Victory Model Upper Deck finished
The model with Upper Deck guns finished and pinned
in place, October 2015
Victory Model Upper Deck Waist with canons
Upper Deck gratings with Canon Balls being glued in
place around the edges. This was how the shot was
stored ready for battle. Note canons with breech ropes

Victory Model with Foredeck in place November 2016
Foredeck with Skid Beams and railings in place, deck awaiting smoothing, Quarter Deck yet to be added.
July 2016

Model showing Port and Starboard Hammock Cranes in situe, awaiting netting and Poop Deck Cranes
Starboard view showing Port and Starboard Hammock Cranes
in position awaiting netting. Poop Cranes will be done when
work starts on the sternworks. (July 2017)

Model Foredeck view with carronades and spar cannos
Foredeck showing carronades and spare cannon in place,
also temporary placed Gangboards (Marines Walk)
from Beakhead to Bowsprit. (July 2017)

Beakhead construction completed
Beakhead area completed (August 2017)

View of Belfry and Waist
Foredeck showing Belfry, Waist and Hammock Cranes
and one of the ship's boats (August 2017)
Foredeck with caronnades and hammock cranes
Foredeck completed (August 2017)

Building up the Stern, August 2017
Building up the Stern works (August 2017)

Port side view of model
Model's Port Side view taken on 21st October 2017,
the 212th Anniversary of The Battle of Trafalgar

Model's Poop Deck (October 2017)
Anchors made awaiting installation
Model's Anchors awaiting connection and installation, May 2018
Port Anchor and Cable
Model's Port Side Anchor with Cable attached, June 2018.

Port Side Anchors and Netting
Model's Port Side Bow Quarter main Anchor and spare lashed to hull and Hammock Cranes, netting complete. 30 July 2018

Port Side Anchors
Model's Port Side Anchors 30 July 2018
Model as @ the end of October, 2018, put away until Easter 2019 when it should be completed shortly afterwards
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