Gallery of Cruise Ships which call at RHODES
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The photographs, either taken by myself or my Wife, Anne,on this and the following pages are of a variety of Cruise ships that regularly call at Rhodes (Rodos) in the summer months, many of which call on a weekly basis. Some are modern vessels, characterised by what I refer to as 'slab-sided', that is to say they do not have the sheer and lines of the 'classic' vessels. Other ships were former passenger liners, some quite old in liner terms but given a new lease of life as cruise ships at the lower end of the holiday cruise market.

Seawing  bow view
"Seawing" July 1999.
16, 700 tonnes, Airtours Sun Cruises. Built Italy, entered service November 1971 as "Southward ", March 1995 as Seawing.

Seawing side view
"Seawing" July 1999.
Triton July 1999
"Triton" July 1999.
14,155 tonnes, Royal Olympic Cruises. Built Nederlands, entered service October 1971 as "Cunard Adventurer, then "Sunward II", and May 1992 as Triton.

Marco Poloat Santorini
"Marco Polo "at Santorini, July 1999,
Built Germany, 20,502 tonnes, entered service as "Aleksandr Pushkin" April 1966, and for Orient Lines, November 1993.

Costa Claasica at Rhodes 2000
Costa Lines "Costa Classica" July 2000.
Built Italy, 52,950 tonnes, entered service January 1992.
Mistral at Rhodes 2000
Festival Cruises "Mistral" July 2001.
Built France entered service July 1999
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