North Africa and Canary Islands Cruise 2010

On Friday 29th October 2010 my wife and I boarded Fred Olsen's cruise ship Black Watch at Southampton for a 14 day cruise to Casablanca and the Canary Islands. It was our first time sailing with this company, our other cruises being with M.V. Discovery and Oriana. We were very pleasantly surprised with the ship, the standard of cleanliness, attentive staff, excellent food and overall an extremely happy and pleasant holiday. The company and the ship are highly recommended, and we will certainly travel with that line again in the future. The photographs below give a flavour of our voyage.
Black Watch at Casablanca
Black Watch our home for 14 days
First Night Floor Show
First night floor show
Observation Lounge
Observation Lounge on the first night
Observation Lounge Carpet
Observation Lounge next day
Casablanca-Naval Ships
Arriving Casablanca, Moroccan Navy Ship
Naval Ships
Arriving Casablanca, Moroccan Navy Ships
Private Yacht, Casablanca
Arriving Casablanca, Private yacht
Thompsons Destiny, Casablanca
Arriving Casablanca, Thopmson's Destiny
Hyatt Hotel, Casablanca
Hyatt Hotel Casablanca
Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca
Hassan II Mosque
Hassan II Mosque forecourt
Hassan II Mosque, Forecourt
Hassan Mosque external wall decoration
Hassan Mosque, external mosaic decoration
Hassan Ii Mosque exterior wall decorationHassan Mosque, external mosaic panel
Hassan II Mosque opening roof
Hassan Mosque, roof which can be opened
Hassan II Mosque polished floor
Hassan Mosque, Prayer Hall,
note polished marble

Hassan II Mosque floor decoration
Hassan Mosque, floor decoration
Hassan II Mosque prayer hall
Hassan Mosque, Prayer Hall floor
Hassan Mosque Exit Floor
Hassan Mosque, Exit hall floor
Hassan Mosque Ceiling detail
Hassan Mosque, Alcove ceiling detail
Hassan Mosque Washing Area
Hassan Mosque Washing area ceiling
Hassan Mosque floor
Hassan Mosque, washing area floor
Hassan Mosque Decorated pillar
Hassan Mosque, mosaic decorated pillar
Public Gardens, Casablanca
Public Gardens near Palace
Catholic Cathedral Stained Glass Windows
Catholic Cathedral, modern stained glass
Decorated Wall in Palace, Casablanca
Decorated Wall in the Palace
Ornate Palace Gateway
Ornate Palace Gateway
Casablanca Grand Bazaar Entrance
Entrance to the Grand Bazaar, not so grand!
We found Casablanca, in the main, to be a very dirty place.... a typical former French Colony, reminded me very much of Djibouti in 1967. Once out of the main port area and into the former French suburbs, the situation was much nicer. Apart from the Hassan II Mosque, which was very spectacular and a huge building, in fact it is the 3rd biggest mosque in the world... paid for by Saudi Arabian money, there is nothing in Casablanca to draw us back for a second visit. From here we sailed to Las Palmas.
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